Thursday, October 30, 2008

Autumn Views and Pennies

Autumn View, originally uploaded by chanchanchepon.
It's funny because lately I've found myself taking more photos than I have had opportunity to blog about. And it's even funnier when I think that my life has been so action-packed that I've not had an opportunity to do a whole lot of blogging period.

So, I've got a few minutes in between meetings today, and I wanted to share this image with you. This photo was taken behind my house this morning. Did I tell you that I found a penny on the ground too? The author Annie Dillard talks about pennies being like little treasures strewn all about, and says that it's a poor person indeed who can't stoop for a penny. Pennies are simple treasures, and we often overlook them while we are running to and fro during our day.

You see, I typically walk most places around town during the day, and behind my house there are steps that lead down the hill from the place I live into the campus and downtown Morgantown.

I walk up and down these steps at least once a day to get down to the campus and to sozo, our coffee shop in downtown Morgantown. It's kind of cool to be able to walk to work. (I used to do that when I was at Mylan too, and I got a lot of weird looks from co-workers as a response).

I like walking, because you engage the world differently when you walk. It seems like all of life is really hurried, but when you walk, there's a different pace that get's set for the day. Most of us live our lives flying through our days and wondering where the time went as sunset arrives.

Walking helps me slow down, and enjoy the journey--it always has. I found myself much better prepared for my days at Mylan when I started walking.

I think it's because when you walk, a space is carved out to really enjoy the world around you. I mean, this is the view from behind my house. I get to see this every day!!!

My family has lived close to rivers for generations. There's something calming about the water and being able to see it.

Beyond the water, there's something really cool about the way God gives us these impressive and simple views every day. This world is beautiful, if we would just open our eyes to see it and appreciate it.

I hope today you can take a moment away from the busy-ness of life, to enjoy the world around you. Often times we feel like we need to go somewhere far away and exotic to see something exquisite, but the Creator of the universe leaves little treasures strewn all around us if we'll just stoop to pick em up. It's a poor person indeed who can't stop to pick up a penny.

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young wife&mom said...

pennies! shoot, Caleb and I find pennies, quarters, ties, shoes, would be surprised what people throw out and don't pick up.

your walking analogy can be linked to life with a slow and always leaves time to notice the world around you....