Monday, October 06, 2008

Standing Between Heaven and Earth

This past weekend, I took a little road trip to Elkins, West Virginia to see my dad, and my best friend and his family. One of my roommates, Joel took the trip with me, and we skipped out on the WVU game.

I know--some of you are shocked. So am I. It was a challenge to leave my Mountaineers back in Morgantown, but the forest festival only comes once per year and the thought of enjoying it with my dad and Willie were just too much to resist.

So after enjoying the parade, we drove to the top of Bickle Knob (which is much faster and more enjoyable than riding a bike). That's when we took this photo.

I love it, because we are literally standing between heaven and earth. I read about that idea on a David Crowder album one time, and it has really stirred me. Everywhere we go, we are between heaven and earth, but it is sometimes more easily seen than at others.

I love this photo, because of the brightness of the grass and the giant like stature of our little group on top of the mountain. We look like superheroes or something--and maybe we are.

Maybe you are too. Maybe you and I stand between heaven and earth to bring a little bit of heaven to earth. Maybe we get the privilege of making a difference in this world. That's more beautiful than a picture even--that's a lasting picture!

According to the scriptures, there's this latent superhero status in each one of us. The same power that raised Jesus from the dead is at work in us. The sad thing is that we have that kind of power, and we don't even use it most of the time.

So, as you stand between heaven and earth today, be mindful that the same power that raised Jesus from the dead is at work in you. Don't let that power sit idly--change the world today. Change a life. Maybe start with you, but change something.

And remember, to the world you may be just one person, but to one person, you may just be the world!!!

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Willie said...

As I read that, I thought "We all have the blood of a Champion running through our veins." Man I had fun painting.

What a great time. Thank you for bugging out on the game. I know you wanted to go. I hope it wasn't the intense guilt trip I was laying on you that cause you to spend the weekend being a blessing to me, instead of watching the Mountaineers rebound. :)

You my friend are what I like to call "Top Notch"
Love you Bro