Thursday, February 28, 2008

Dr. Sleeth's Visit

Dr. Sleeth's Visit, originally uploaded by chanchanchepon.

Last week, I wrote a short statement encouraging folks to come out to hear Dr. Matthew Sleeth speak at WVU, but as yet, I haven't shared what he really talked about.

To me, it's kind of wild because I think that when most people think about someone speaking about the environment, they get a little uneasy. They think that a person who talks about the environment is going to be a radical nutjob, and a Christian who talks about the environment is going to be even nuttier than the rest.

Dr. Sleeth is perfectly sane, and his presentation was hilarious! He and his family have made some radical life adjustments as a result of their faith, but he wasn't shaking his finger at the audience or anything like that. He was simply sharing his story, and he shared a few of the ways that God led him and his family to make changes as a result of their understanding of biblical stewardship.

I would love to share many of the tidbits he shared, maybe at a future time, but for now I want to share with you the answer to one of the questions asked from the audience.

Someone asked, "What are the top three things we can do to care for the environment?" I've been asking that question of people for the last week just to hear their responses. Most people say something about recycling, or switching to CFLs, or buying alternative fuel vehicles.

What would you say? I would love to hear your top three. Instead of telling you Dr. Sleeth's answer straightaway, I am going to build a little suspense, and share his response sometime over the next few days. (maybe tomorrow?)

So in the meantime, let me know how you would respond to that question--what are the top three things you would recommend to be a better steward of God's creation?

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Pam and Mike said...

After reading Dr Sleeth's book, I now wish I had come to hear him speak! What an impact he has had on me. What 3 things?
1. gain knowledge about the environment and how our lives impact it.
2. ask God how to we, as individuals, can take better care of the earth that he gave us.
3. do SOMETHING...anything...that will bring glory to God and show Him how much we appreciate our temporary home.
I know it's not specifics but it's the best way to start.
Thanks you brother!