Thursday, February 07, 2008

The Story of Stuff

The Story of Stuff, originally uploaded by chanchanchepon.
About a month ago, I friend of mine I met at the Faithwalkers conference in Ridgecrest, NC sent me a link to this website. It is called, "The Story of Stuff." When you click the link, you will be given the option of playing a 20 minute highly informative video which walks you, the viewer, through the process that leads us to get all of the neat stuff we find at our local malls and stores, and then carries the story further toward how all of that stuff is disposed of.

When I see videos like this, I have to admit I am somewhat skeptical. But then, I often come to the conclusion that we truly need to change our habits, and any change really starts with me. As I consider a simpler life over lent, pray with me that I can make some sustained changes in my spending and consuming habits. And I pray that this video would provoke you similarly. One person left a comment about their commitment to not spend money on themselves during the next 40 days.

The Story of Stuff is getting a lot of views on the web, and it is also triggering many people to rethink their spending, consuming, and waste habits. I highly recommend the video, and I hope you can set aside 20 minutes of your day to watch it. Then, I would love it if you set aside an additional 2 minutes and told me what you thought about it, and how it provoked you to make changes to your lifestyle.


BigMama said...

Great video.

One of my favorite anti-consumerism things is using a lot more swapping websites. I love to read, but sinking money into new books can be really costly. Instead, through sites like paperbackswap, bookcrossing & bookmooch, I can still get that book I've been checking out for a fraction of the price (especially good here in Fairmont where the library doesn't carry everything I'm looking for!). It's also teaching my kids that when you enjoy a good book, it's cool to give it away to someone else so they can enjoy it too, which translates into other aspects of their lives.

esperanza said...

Took the 20 min to watch it yesterday, will take the other 2 min now...
I would love to pay what things really cost because I bet it would automatically have an impact on my spending AND wasting habits! But unfortunately, paying more for something doesn't necessarily mean that the money goes to the right people!
I personally don't like shopping... at all! (Maybe that's why I don't like heels... I can wear my "no-heels" until they fall apart.) That doesn't mean though that there aren't a lot of areas for me to improve. I hope that living in Bolivia under average Bolivian conditions for half a year will help me to get away from material things to stuff that really matters.