Friday, February 22, 2008

Seven Bands for Five Bucks

Last night, as the next event in our week of Another World Is Possibleweek, we hosted not just five bands for five bucks, but actually seven. It was a cold and snowy night in Morgantown, but those who were able to come out were able to hear a lot of quality music at a very reasonable price.

But great music wasn't the only thing going on last night. A handful of local non-profit organizations were featured in between sets during this great concert at the Metropolitan Theatre on High Street. That facility is amazing by the way! If you are looking for a cool venue in which to hold a concert, drama, or event, I think "the met" is just the place!

One of the coolest things about the evening was that the artists and non-profits were doing some conversing over the course of the evening too. People were asking each other they could help one another in their respective field. In particulare, one of my favorite bands of the evening, Kessler, and my friends John & Jake's organization Nuru International started talking about some possibilities of working together in the future. I recommend you check out their respective sites. Kessler is a band out of Dallas Texas, and they have just gotten started touring and were signed with Tooth & Nail Records. Their sound is rich, melodic, and passionate. Give em a listen at the link above. Nuru, is a new organization dedicated to helping the rural extreme poor lift themselves out of poverty , first in Africa, and then around the world. It's hard to believe in a land of plenty like the one in which we live, but over a billion people live on less than a dollar a day. Nuru is trying to help people by walking alongside communities, one at a time, and sounding the trumpet to see people with resources and a passion for justice take steps to transform these communities into communities of hope.

I imagine I will blog about both Kessler and Nuru more extensively at a later date, but for now, I just wanted to share great news about another wonderful night/event flowing from our focused week on campus.

As one last side story, a couple of students I ran into as they were traveling home late last night, were totally stoked about the whole evening and the part they were able to play in it. I think that's another beautiful part of this whole week. So many people have contributed to the success of each night's event and to the success of the week as a whole.

What a wonderful opportunity to see the Creator of the universe at work in so many tangible ways. May you tangibly see how He is at work in your own life today, wherever you may be!

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