Monday, November 19, 2007


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So my last day in California has arrived. But, it's a long one. My dad and I woke up at 4.30AM and started our journey west to go east. We connected with a few different friends among the 17million folks who call LA home, and eventually we made our way to the airport. The high today was in the 60s along the coast so it was a bit chilly.

We were in Anaheim, El Segundo, Culver City, Venice Beach, Santa Monica, Marina Del Ray, and then Burbank during the course of the day today--we spent significant time in each of those places too. How about that for a last day tour!

We felt a little pressure to arrive at the airport for our getting seats, but the fog has kept flights delayed. You can read about the delays here.

What's amazing is that we have no choice but to deal with delays at airports. I don't know about you, but I feel like I get stressed out by delays in most of my life situations. It's like I'm always in a rush to get somewhere--but why? Today, I can honestlysay I just enjoyed the journey.

May we all learn to respond to delays and realize there is Someone greater in control of our lives than ourselves. Maybe that's the point point of stress--we forget that we aren't in control, and sometimes we get so deluded. Today, I can honestly say I'm glad to yield any presumption of control. I hope you and I can both learn to trust the One who knows every hair on our heads and not get stressed out by the little delays that come at us each day.

Keep on going, and remember, a delay is usually not a cancellations, it's just a slowing down--and who can't use a little slowing down in this fast paced world!

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Meghan Baird said...

Hey Billy! Talk about Delays...Africa time! That was nice to read and catch up on your past 2 weeks. I am planning on flying to Torit, which is a little west of Ikotos, to spend Tday with some American Missionaries. Time...oh,time...African time has been to the extreme this week and delays are so part of teaching here!
BTW- I have been thinking about
h2o a lot lately and miss you guys. Also, I heard that you bought those paintings--great cause for the money, thank you.