Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Cell Phone Woes

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Well, I have had a lot to blog about and I've had limited access to the technological world lately. My internet has been out at home which means that I have had to be more mobile in posting. Not that being mobile is out of the ordinary for me, but after about two weeks of being away, it's hard to squeeze time in for the practice of blogging when I am out and about--seems like I'm always running into people--which is always a good thing. (Although maybe I should watch where I'm going--guffaw!)

On top of the limited access to the web, I also lost my phone (actually I think it may have been stolen but I'm not sure by whom). It was a (PRODUCT) RED phone, so a portion of the cost of the phone went to the global fund to fight against aids, tuberculosis, and malaria--just trying to be an advocate!!!

So I've been scrambling around a bit trying to find someone with a phone I can use temporarily until I can get my phone (with nearly 1000 contacts--maybe yours was in it?) replaced.

If you called me earlier this week, I assure you I have been paying my phone bills--I turned off my phone so someone else wouldn't be able to make a bunch of calls on it.

One of my dear friends let me have her old phone so I am back on the grid.

The really weird thing about it all is that I realized how integral the cell phone and computer have become to working efficiently in our world. I was literally off the grid for about 24 hours. Being off the grid is great if it is intentional, but when it isn't it is frustrating.

How often do you use a cell phone or the internet? How much would it break the rhythm of your life to be unplugged (on a monday at that!!!)?

The cool thing is that our lives and our callings aren't dependent on technology--in the middle of it all, I have been able to respond to God in gratitude for the tools He has allowed me to have to connect with others, but these tools are NOTHING when compared to the GIVER of the gifts.

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len said...


I saw the comment from Jeff Kern on an older post and this is a good coincidence for me - hopefully.

Recently I had been thinking back to when I was first saved (August 2002) and the things that were really changing in my life - and why.

Long story short, I went to Ignite that year with you and a host of others from CRCC, now CRC, of course. Ignite was a big deal for my development as a new Christian.

Also a major influence in my prayer life (and everything else as a result) was a message that Jeff Kern gave when he visited CRCC - I don't know when. But, it couldn't have been too long after (or before) Ignite.

I remember he talked about his heart condition and the brave prayers that he prayed and the story of him sailing with a friend beyond the breakwaters, out of the harbor, and into the real ocean - where it was dangerous. He spoke about how spiritually so often we stay inside the harbor where it's safe instead of taking the risks of heading to the open sea.

I've had a desire to pray those same prayers lately and I wanted, somehow, to remember what they were. I think that Jeff's prayer combination to be lead into the spiritual open ocean was:

Search me
Break me
Lead me
Use me

But, I wanted to make sure that was it. I though there was a 5th one but maybe not. After I heard Jeff give that message and explain that prayer (no space to do that here) I prayed it - for many days - honestly. My life changed drastically & immediately.

I think God really works when you honestly pray that. Like Jeff said - it's not a prayer for the faint of heart but I was too ignorant at the time, being a new Christian, to know different. But it worked. My life changed and I haven't been the same since. Knowing what I know now, I'm not 100% convinced I really want to start that those prayers again - they're dangerous.

This may have been better for email , but maybe Jeff Kern will see it & respond directly. My email is Or, Billy, maybe you could copy this to him somehow - if you haven't lost his contact info in your latest string to technologial challenges - and ask for clarification on my behalf.