Thursday, November 15, 2007

Dad's Restaurant

Dad's Restaurant, originally uploaded by chanchanchepon.
Monday as we were traveling from Burbank to El Segundo we made a stop at a place called The Grove in Los Angeles near my buddy JR’s apartment. The Grove is an outdoor mall of sorts (complete with it’s own trolley) built around an old farmers market. The farmer’s market includes both fresh vegetables and a variety of food establishments, including this little place that bears my dad’s namesake. I thought it would be cool to get a photo of him in front of the place. Ironically, we didn’t stop to eat there as we walked through, but we did have some ice cream nearby.

It’s been a lot of fun traveling with dad. He is a champion walker too. Yesterday he and I walked a total of 11 miles on three short loops we did at different points of the day. Today we went for a hike in the desert with my brother so he could scout out an area for a 5 mile hike on a future weekend for some boy scouts (including my nephew). By the way, my nephew is Senior Patrol Leader for his troop which is a pretty cool honor.

My dad has been getting me into shape a wee bit on this little vacation. I’m amazed at how far and frequently he hikes, and it’s been cool exploring with him. Maybe before we head back east we will be given another opportunity to stop at his restaurant and give it a try.

Here’s to getting in shape, or at least getting out and walking more—not to mention spending time with family and friends!

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