Thursday, November 08, 2007


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Over the last few weeks I have noticed that I've been on the road a lot. Last week, after going to the Jeremy Camp Concert, I drove to Pittsburgh to hang out with Willie and his family. I left Pittsburgh and drove down the Ohio River (where I took this photo) and visited some relatives in Parkersburg. Then I returned to Morgantown just in time for shifting my clock and going through a full day of meeting and connecting and church services.

After all of this I went home, packed, and got up around 6AM to head out to the airport for a couple of conferences involving the ministry I work for in Orlando. Orlando sounds really awesome this time of year, but it has actually been uncharacteristically chilly--plus I've been inside most of the time--no surfing for me! :(

I gave a small seminar while down here on the value of spiritual disciplines and particularly the value of practicing Sabbath. Good stuff.

Now I am about to board another plane to return to WV and hopefully enjoy some mountaineer football!!! Tomorrow is a day full of meetings and catching up on a weeks worth of emails. Plus there is a regional conference for the association of churches we are part of this weekend.

I love connecting with people, and the travel is also great, and its had me thinking about the bigger story.

In a sense, aren't we all travelers. Aren't we all pilgrims? We're all on a journey and looking to one day reach our final destination. Just like Israel wandering through the wilderness, we are journeying through life--but we have a purpose. Or at least we could have a purpose. As you travel through this life, do you have an end in mind, or are you just going through the motions? May you richly experience refreshment on your journey as you progress toward the destination.

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brother, manitou thee-po-ah-thee said...

During my Cursillo weekend, a clear distinction was made between a traveller, who clearly imerses, and a tourist, who gets catered to and experiences only on the perifery. You, my friend and brother, are definitely a traveller. And soon I will be directly blessed by your travels and presence... looking forward to it! I hope you were able to catch the game. They sure made it closer than it should have been. Slaton was in a fog, eh? The twelfth man was described as weak by the announcers (Flutie and James) for most of the game. Talk to those guys. Get 'em focused! May God bless you with safe and fulfilling travels.