Friday, October 26, 2007


Butterflies, originally uploaded by chanchanchepon.
I was looking at the photos of our day in the wilderness together, and this photo just captivated me. There's my dad. So focused, and so full of care for his family. I just appreciate all the times we get to share to gether, and the adventures he's willing to go on with me. So many thoughts and memories get captured in a photo, and then get set free in our own minds.

Looking at this image, I remember that slightly after I took the picture, my dad had butterflies.

When I mention the word butterflies, I'm not talking about the small winged creatures that were at some time in the past caterpillars. Nor am I talking about the nervous feelings right before a big game, or a big speech, or that light feeling you feel when you are in love. If you are a fisherman butterflies have a whole different meaning.

I took this picture of my Dad as he was tying a trout magnet lure onto his fishing line. Just a little bit later, he had butterflies. A butterfly is a term used to describe what happens when you are fishing and for some reason (usually because you are casting too hard for the amount of weight you have on your line) your fishing line doesn't go back onto the reel properly, and you end up with a huge tangle--a butterfly. And if you aren't careful, the butterfly will knot up as you are trying to untangle it. Generally people will cut their line when this happens, but if we are patient we can slowly undo the butterfly and get the line back on the reel properly again.

Butterflies are a part of fishing, but they are also a part of life. Maybe we go at it too hard, and push too much in an area, and we produce butterflies. Sometimes, we just want to cut the line and start over, but in real life, the tangled line usually involves real people. So we slowly untangle and make things right. We reconcile. And when we do that, we have fresh opportunities.

For instance, I untangled the butterfly in my dad's line, and then I caught that awesome brood trout. Made for a great photo too!

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