Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Dolly Sods

Dolly Sods, originally uploaded by chanchanchepon.
I just pulled back into town late last night from working in Dolly Sods with rescue teams and volunteers from all over the area. So far, we haven't found Jacob.

Here's another associated press article covering the situation. I believe it was updated around 8AM today.

Please pray for Jacob Allen and his parents today. Also pray for the safety of the rescue and search teams. This is extremely rugged country, and, for those who are attempting to scour the landscape, very physically demanding. The area me and the team I was part of searched folled both sides of a stream which runs through the wilderness area. The rocks are extremely slippery, and the canyon on either side is composed of rhododendron that is extremely difficult to navigate. When the thicket thins out, the ground is usually quite rocky and uneven.

It's been cold at night, but thankfully, unless something had changed since I left last night, at least the rain is staying away.

Bloodhounds are being used in the area of his disappearance to attempt to track him.

Please keep jacob and his family in prayer, and spread the word to pray as well. If you google his name, it should be a way to get updates on the situation as well.

Thanks again.


Anonymous said...

I think it's awesome you took time out of your busy schedule to go down and help out in the efforts.

brother manitou theepo-ah-thee said...

I just read the news that they found Jacob. Thanks to God for keeping him safe and sustained until rescuers could locate him. And thanks to God for watching over the teams searching for him.

chanchanchepon said...

it's pretty wonderful news for sure!