Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Fall Color

Fall Color, originally uploaded by chanchanchepon.

This fall has been amazing. Although autumn certainly took it's time arriving, the colors have been radiant and seemingly lasting for a long time. Perhaps it has been all of the varied landscapes I have scene over the last month. I don't ever remember being able to enjoy so much of the color in the past.

And I don't ever remember being able to enjoy color so full or so late in the year. It's the last full week of october, and look at the orange and the yellow. (There were reds in some places too, but this color just seemed to illuminate the road).

My mom and dad had a tradition for several years of driving around the state and enjoying the Fall colors. Last fall, our entire family was able to do that together for the first time in years. And now, it is Fall again, and it's like my mom pulled some strings to get us the most amazing fall ever.

I feel like sometimes, we can be so hurried in our day to day toil that these seasons just slip right away from us. Even amid the search for Jacob, there were times I would pause and marvel at the sheer beauty God had placed all around us. I hope you have been able to get out, give some pause and appreciate this beautiful autumn.

What a gift!

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BigMama said...

Great picture. We took a drive up to the Pittsburgh Zoo with the kids this weekend, and we were enjoying the fall foliage as well. I love that even on dreary days like today, there's still a fire out there to be enjoyed!