Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Walking in the Wilderness

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Last weekend, we made some really grand plans of traveling to our fishing camp near Elkins, WV. When the weekend came however, we found ourselves without the energy that we needed to make the trip. We had the desire, but in the end, after discussing the travel we decided to stick around home.

Willie and his family came to visit, and we all took a hike through a wildlife refuge near parkersburg, WV. I traveled down from Morgantown Friday afternoon, and we began doing what people typically do when they get together for a limited time.

We tried to plan and do too much. Somehow, we believe that we can do more in one day (or a couple of days) than what is reasonable or even possible. Do you ever find yourself in this situation?

I think part of the problem is that we don't have a good understanding of time. Technology allows us to do a number of things at once, or a number of things better, but in the end it still takes time (and energy!) to pack, prepare, and actually DO whatever we have planned to do in a given amount of time.

It's funny because we all thought we would have the energy for a trip to the mountains, but even with our little hike near town, most of us required a mid-afternoon nap.

Even today, I find my day full of meetings, and all that I had aspired to do I have a haunting suspicion will not be completed.

Interestingly, I've been reading exodus, and thinking about the forty year period it took for Israel to make it to the promised land. I bet they knew that the land was really close. I bet they knew that they should be able to make it into the land in far less than forty years. And, I'm sure they grew frustrated at times as they felt they were accomplishing far less than they should.

And that's maybe the lesson, I'm learning in the middle of looking at the intersection of scripture with my life. Sometimes it isn't about accomplishing things. Sometimes it is just about the journey and enjoying that journey with the people who are around you. If we get too caught up in getting to the end, we may find ourselves frustrated, and we also may find that we have missed a lot of what is happening along the journey.

If you are frustrated by the fact you can't get EVERYTHING done in the time you have allotted, take heart, you aren't alone. More than this take some time, reflect on your situation, and ask God what He wants you to see as He is journeying every step of the way with you, just like He did with Israel.

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