Friday, June 01, 2007

Happy Birthday Dad!

Dad Fishing, originally uploaded by chanchanchepon.
So not only did my mom celebrate her first full day off the ventilator today, but also my dad celebrated the anniversary of his birth.

My dad is a year older today. I'm not at liberty to say his exact age, but he is definitely older than me.

Today my siblings and I spent a great deal of time thinking about how truly blessed we have been to have such wonderful parents. Mom and Dad are truly rare gems.

This evening we celebrated dad's birthday in the hospital room with mom, and it was a wonderful time. Mom was starting to get her voice back, and we all just laughed and shared stories. Tonight was the most lucid and energetic my mom has been.

It was great being together as family, and it was even better to honor my dad on his birthday. He's a personal hero of mine. His love for Jesus, his wife, and his family radiate from him all of the time. We are all very uniquely blessed to have a leader like him in our household.

If you have an opportunity, you should take time to thank God for the family leaders and mentors you have in your life. They are a precious gift from God meant to be savored and enjoyed.

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Diane & Luke said...

It is encouraging to hear of your family's faith and closeness during a most difficult time. We're thankful God blessed you all with a good day. Reading your posts reminded us of the 5 months we spent with my dad in the hospital. God revealed Himself in new and amazing ways, like in your garden. You are in our prayers continually. D&L