Wednesday, June 13, 2007


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Me, my brother, and my sister chipped in together to buy my dad an iPod nano for his birthday. He's been looking at my iPod for a while, and has been thinking about getting one himself. He walks around 5 miles a day, and this little gadget will probably be travelling with him.

Before we could allow him to enjoy his birthday present, we had to transfer all of his CDs to his computer. Then we walked through how to move songs from his computer to his iPod. He doesn't have enough to fill his iPod, so he doesn't have to worry about being too selective.

He can also listen to his favorite podcasts, like H2O Morgantown Live, or any other podcasts that are available free on itunes.

There is always a learning curve when it comes to using new technology, and I was wondering if Dad would get a little frustrated by that process. We walked through a few steps of how to use his ipod, and then he just started chillaxing to his tunes.

We ran a few errands together, and he continued jamming out to his iPod. Sometimes when you buy a gift there is a bit of worry about whether or not the recipient will enjoy it. Well, me and my siblings hit the jackpot on this gift. Dad loves it! So don't be surprised if you see him at a basketball game next year with me in the student section jamming out to his ipod!

What about you? Do you enjoy the gifts you've been given? Take some time as you finish reading this entry and reflect on all of the gifts you've received. They may not be as portable as an ipod (things like jobs, family, cars, houses usually aren't), but they are definitely worth taking the time to appreciate.

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