Friday, June 22, 2007

A Song for Billy's Mom

Last weekend, I met up with my best friend (brother) on the planet, Willie and his family in Wheeling, WV before going to see Brett Cain.

We went to the Ohio River and ate Di Carlo's Pizza. We walked along the river, and we prayed together. It was a beautiful time as we mourned and rejoiced together and enjoyed the sunset on the Ohio.
At one point Willie left and grabbed his guitar and out of his van. Then he shared this beautiful song that he wrote for my mom to honor her.

I wept incredibly as I listened to the lyrics because not only were they filled with love and honor, but many of them walked me through memories of the last few days we had with Mom.

While Willie is a little disappointed in the quality of the video/recording, I believe it is an incredible gift.
As He brought out the guitar and the lyrics, I thought to myself, "My mom is the kind of person that people write songs about!" And she is!

I love and miss my mom, but I'm overwhelmed with Joy that through it all she pointed us all to her King Jesus. Now she's with Him!

The chorus of this song is my favorite, because it is one that we can all make very personal and sing to Jesus. "I'm yours!"
If you haven't made this decision already, I pray you will read this blog, listen to this song, and tell Jesus that you are His! It's the best decision you will ever make--of that truth, I'm incredbly sure.

If you already know Jesus, maybe this song can be a reminder to you and an encouragement, and a point of rededication--to be His.

I really hope you enjoy this beautiful song, and I am soooo thankful to my brother Willie for writing and sharing it with the world!


Anonymous said...

An absolutely beautiful and touching song.

ChuckW(otherbrother) said...

Wow. After listening, I found myself utterly speechless. The whole experience came rushing back... the vision, the bedside prayer with John and Rajeev, all of it. Willie really is a phenomenal individual, not only for the moving and appropriate song, but for all he is and stands for each and every moment. I was indeed a blessing to gain his aquaintance and friendship as Mom faded into the radiant light of Jesus. I miss you both. I miss Mom, too. But I know she's smiling on us, as she sheds a tear of joy for the touching tribute penned and vocalized by Willie.

Meghan Baird said...

That was such a beautiful song. You have an amazing friend. I found myself in tears as well.