Friday, January 06, 2006

Like a bicycle . . .

I'm too tired.

I'm feeling really jet-lagged right now.

I woke up at midnight Wednesday January 4th, and went to sleep at 2AM Thursday January 5th.

Last night I had a long talk with a good friend who wants to start following Jesus.

I went to bed at 2AM again.

Today I tried to help my parents set up a computer desk, and a new wi-fi network. It wasn't without its share of difficulties.

It is now 11:21PM--and I'm really tired.

I think I am going to eat some popcorn with my dad and go to bed soon.

I'm beat like a drum.


Sander Chan said...

Glad you made it home! You're a hard-working man!

Ryan Huffman said...

Billy you are such a poet. And melodramatic. Just kidding. Peace.

Ryan Huffman said...

Well...just kidding about the melodramatic part. I do think you're a poet. Peace again.