Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Getting in the flow

The new semester has started, and I have my first class tomorrow evening. I did something new for this semester. I actually read one of the required texts before the semester started. It made reading a bit more enjoyable knowing that I didn't have to get it done by a particular deadline. Of course, I realize the fact that I read ahead probably makes me a geek, but I can deal with that.

I rode my bike this morning for the second day in a row. It was another warm day, and I played some basketball with a couple of buddies. My friends Brett (whose wedding I presided over last summer) and Ryan (brett's brother). My friend JR Pittman showed up with his fiance Christy too. So it was like an early morning basketball party.

I rode back home and grabbed a quick shower, and I am starting to prep for a week of planning and retreats. Tomorrow, after class, I leave for a planning time with the community church I work with. This afternoon, I go with my buddy Aaron to make some last minute arrangements for a retreat for our campus church.

Seems like lots of stuff is happening, and it is really easy for me to put the focus on myself and what I can do instead of on God and what He is doing at times like this. Do you ever feel this tension? I think part of getting in the flow is letting God lead in the dance, and realizing that all of our hard work isn't the focus. The focus is the work He is doing in us so that He can do even greater works through us. That is a comforting thought.

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