Tuesday, January 31, 2006


clutter, originally uploaded by chanchanchepon.

So I saw this graffiti on the street where my friends Todd and Lindy live in de Pijp in Amsterdam. As I was walking down the street, I just thought--that is a profound statement.

Everywhere I go, and look I see clutter. It really is even in my head. It seems like there are a million ideas racing in competition in my head at any given moment. I float from thinking, "When am I going to clean my gutters?", to "What am I going to eat for breakfast?", to "I wonder what that passage of scripture meant to its first readers?", to "I need to get that project started?" And then I think, "Am I forgetting something?"

I don't know if anyone on the planet can relate, but it seems difficult to get out of the clutter. One of the ways I've found to "unclutter" is to practice solitude. I go for walks. I reflect. I get rid of the noise in my head--all of the competing voices and thoughts. Then as the din subsides, I begin to hear the one Voice that brings order into the chaos.

When I listen to that Voice, order comes into my mind. When I listen to that Voice, I begin to be able to structure my day, and the space in which I live to reflect some degree of order instead of chaos.

Do you feel cluttered in your life? Take some time to connect with God, and then allow Him to lead you as you and He work together to tidy up the clutter together.


Dustin said...

Intriguing way to organize all of the "clutter" on the street and in your head. Speaking of clutter around us, Seth, Desiree, Bob Slatt, Jr., and I ate at the Poky Dot tonight and spoke about our new semester. There're great deals of clutter that are like apples and oranges which is like answering whether you should strengthen your teeth or reduce your risk of diabetes. I wonder what Fairmont pulls from the clutter?

I want to get an early jump on the GCMLT this summer. I had searched for arch firms in Orlando, but after checking the revision on the website, the locations have changed. I have enough money to apply now, but I want to go ten weeks with the option of working in an area of my field, so Columbus (8 full-time weeks) is eliminated. Also, I would like to know where you are planning to travel this year? Estes Park, CO; Wilmington, NC; Virginia Beach, VA; or Columbus, OH?

I'm not sure which country you're even in now, but I hope you'll notice this comment in time for us to talk about the LT before the early deadline ends. Talk to you soon.

Todd said...

Hey, I reconize photo!
Cool you used it in a blog.