Sunday, June 05, 2005

Weather break

Well, it was pretty awesome today. A bunch of us wanted to have a BBQ and connect with our neighbors down hear in O-town. Unfortunately it has rained pretty steadily for the last week, and it was supposed to rain heavily during the time of our get together. Thankfully, we prayed and God answered. He literally split the clouds and let the sun shine and dry up a wet basketball court. We grilled, we hung out, and we met quite a few of our neighbors. It was a pretty cool day all-in-all.

The whole way that the rain was abated reminds me of a story one of my elders once told me. There was a guy whose name was Pangee Maumee (Blue Heron), who had some really big medicine. From what my elder told me, this guy was really old, and was very much a man of prayer. One time, probably thirty years ago at least, this guy was present during one of our tribal ceremonies. Well, the people couldn't celebrate the ceremony because there was a fierce rain coming down. So Pangee Maumee walked out into the storm and he said "Stop!". The storm diminished a little bit, and then came down more violently. Undeterred, Pangee Maumee stood in the storm for a minute, and then exclaimed,"I said Stop!!!" The clouds then lifted, and the rain stopped as Pangee Maumee walked from the middle of the field to return to his sitting place.

Pretty wild how God answers fervent effectual prayer!

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