Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Driving to Motown

No--not detroit, but morgantown. I drove up yesterday with Ryan and Miranda. We left at four am from Orlando, Florida. Fourteen hours later, we pulled into Morgantown. Had a bite to eat at Zen Clay, and I was able to visit briefly with my friend Micah. I was also able to see the soon to be bride and groom during that quick stop at the "Tea Garden/Zen Clay".

Afterward, I rolled into the summer Bible study/gathering of H2O at my house. There were about 20 people hanging out in my living room and talking about James chapter two. Almost everybody went out to Cici's Pizza after the study and hung out. I was able to talk with a few people about a mission trip to Amsterdam happening over thanksgiving. There may be a few spots available to join us if you are interested--let me know.

It was definitely a full day, and I finally fell asleep around midnight.


Tara said...

Hey Billy!
Yay for WV, and I'm so excited for what God is doing down in FL w/ you and the group! He's such a powerful God, eh? I am interested in heading back to Amsterdam. Give me the details you have, when you have a chance. Thanks!!

In Him,

Miranda said...

Thanks for the ride home Billy!! I enjoyed eating the Doritos and Pop Tarts with Ryan . You are a booty kickin driver! :)