Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Appalachian Morning

The air is definitely different up here in the Mountains. I woke up refreshed about an hour ago, took a much needed shower, and I am enthusiastic about starting the day here in Morgantown. The air is a little easier to breathe this morning. It is cooler, and less humid, and the birds are singing. As I look down into the Monongahela Valley from my back porch I realize that this is home. As much as I enjoy surfing, there is something about these hills where my family has lived for as long as we know history.

I am looking forward to a very full and invigorating day as I spend time connecting/catching up with people in this new atmosphere. At the same time, I greatly miss my roommates, and friends from my project in Orlando. They are such a quality group of men and women, and I really feel like I am missing out by not being around them this week.

Just the same, I love these hills I call home.


Melissa said...

You just made me totally homesick. It's really cool that you get to spend some time in WV. Enjoy it!

eliz said...

i'm glad that you guys are all enjoying being home... but it's true our project is a little sad this week. we all miss you guys a ton and can't wait to see you tomorrow!
drive home safe!