Sunday, June 16, 2013

My Sister And Her Husband--The Runners

 This past weekend Jamie and I made the drive to Parkersburg in an effort to celebrate Father's Day with my dad, see his new automobile, get an oil change and radiator flush, and pack as much visiting with friends and relatives as was possible. Unfortunately we were not able to see as many folks as we would have liked, but maybe during a future trip.

We awoke early Saturday morning to watch Becky and Ray (my sister and brother-in-law) run a 5K in Parkersburg. It's pretty cool to see them running. It was less than three years ago that my sister got started running. She won her age group, and Ray got second place in his. They were neck and neck the entire race. With Ray slightly ahead. Somehow Becky was able to turn on the jets to pass her husband at the end of the race.

What's even more impressive is that my sister managed to have enough energy to run four additional miles with me and Jamie a couple of hours after her race. I love catching up like that because it keeps you from getting distracted by other things that are really not super important or urgent. We live in a culture that is easily distracted, and I think that people have a hard time being fully present in the moment. There's so much we want to fit into a day, but there's only so much we can do with our waking hours, and do it well and with our whole heart. Running is one way to eliminate those other distractions.

More impressive than my sister's running exploits to me is the consideration that three years ago she didn't run. She stepped out of her comfort zone and tried something new, and what she discovered was that she had a gift and a passion for running. I love seeing my sister come alive the way she has. She and her husband have cultivated a habit that has led them to a healthier lifestyle in general, and that allows them to spend quality time together. She has also discovered a whole new array of friends who help spur her on and nurture her gift.

I believe that we all have gifts, skills, and talents that we may be letting lie dormant. My sister and her husband love running, and I feel like there are many friends that they would have never met had they not stepped out and begun to discover a talent and passion that they never knew they had.

What talent is it that you may be letting lie dormant? Is there a habit or discipline that you need to start or re-start? My prayer is that you discover your unique gift, begin to exercise it, and bless others through it. I believe that the world would be a much better place if we all began moving from thought to action. Maybe our gifts are one way God may want to bring healing to others, and to ourselves.

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