Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday Morning Appalachian Mist

Early this morning Jamie and I found ourselves driving from Lake Floyd to Morgantown to get started with our day. I feel like there is something magical about early morning drives like this. There are not too many cars on the road, and after the weather we have experienced over the last few days, there is a mist that shrouds the day in a kind of mystery and beauty.

I'm sure other places throughout Appalachia reflect a similar ambiance, but to me there is nothing quite like watching the fog slowly rise from these West Virginia Hills early in the morning. If you have driven these or other roads in the early morning hours, you know exactly what I mean. It's as though the whole rest of the world is at rest, and the Creator of the Universe has invited you to have a personal viewing of his latest masterpiece.

These times, in my opinion, are some of the best times for reflection and for eliciting a sense of gratitude. Often people spend tons of money to have a glimpse of something like this early morning splendor. They go on vacations or pay for the 'ultimate' experience. Personally, I love the fact that we are given the opportunity to appreciate little treasures like this, and really, the opportunity is there every day.

Wherever you are today, if you are driving or on foot, I pray you are able to soak in a moment of the majesty of the created world, even if you are not so fortunate as I am and you are not able to look upon these West Virginia hills.

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