Monday, June 17, 2013

Father's Day With Dad

This past weekend, I was able to spend a lot of time with my dad. It was Father's Day, and he kept asking us what we wanted to do. I explained to him that we were there to do whatever he wanted to do. And so we found ourselves driving to "The Point" at the confluence of the Ohio and Little Kanawha Rivers, and then driving to Fort Boreman Park to look down upon the Shpelewathiipi. We were able to pack a whole lot into the weekend.

If you haven't met my dad, you are missing out. He is one of the most amazing people I know. He seems to form an instant rapport with strangers, and he absolutely loves people. When given the opportunity, he loves to serve and care for others. In fact, he has such a strong bias toward caring for others that often he stays silent when it comes to things that he wants--all the more reason that this weekend was an occasion for doing what he wanted to do. :)

When I was a little kid, I can remember him making the trip for almost every sporting event I was part of. He came to every choir concert, every special event, and no matter how busy his schedule, he had a knack for squeezing in more time. I can remember regularly hiking and fishing at Mountwood Park, and when we would go trolling for trout in the lake, sometimes he would even let me drive the boat. Even after a long day of work, gardening, and household work, he would make time to pass baseball, play basketball, kick around a soccer ball, or go for a bike ride. We used to take these epic rides along the Ohio River from "The Point" to up behind the Grand Central Mall.

And on Father's Day, true to form to how he has lived his whole life, he blessed me far beyond any way I could ever bless him. During the morning church services at 19th Street Church of God, I was able to hear one of the best messages on honoring your father I have ever heard. And as the service ended, the pastor called all of the fathers and grandfathers to the altar. And then he called the children of these father's to the altar. He then instructed the fathers to lay hands on their sons and pray a blessing on them.

Now this next part may seem a bit silly, but I don't care. For almost as long as I have been a Christian, I have dreamed of my dad laying hands on me and praying a blessing over me as the father's of Israel did for their sons from Abraham onward. Of course, as a son, it's not something you want to ask your dad to do; it's just something you want to happen on its own. And today, it did. I went to Parkersburg to bless my dad and spend time with him, and God had planned to answer a prayer that has been near my heart for nearly half of my life. As my dad gently placed his hand on my shoulder, I began to weep. I couldn't stop weeping. This pastor, who had no idea of my prayers with regard to this single act, had been used by the Creator of the universe to bring into reality this prayer of mine.

Let me be clear. I know my dad loves me, and that he wants the best for me. But there was something supernatural that I experienced this morning has he began to pray silently for me in front of a congregation of strangers who were also spiritual brothers, and sisters bonded to me by the mystical life, death, and resurrection of the Messiah. God gave me a special gift through my dad today.

I am without adequate words to express my gratitude for my father's incredible gift to me on Father's Day, and I pray that I can honor him better and better as long as I have life and breath. I fail with regularity, but with God's help, I will do a better job each new day.

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