Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Iphone 3.0 Software Released

I was recently given an iphone by my best friend in the whole world, Willie, and I am mesmerized by this little phone like contraption. It's an ipod that plays videos, and it's a phone. It's also a web browser, and it's able to accomplish a number of other amazing tasks.

With the latest advance in the software, it also includes a number of new applications and is making life with an iphone even more amazing.

Last week also marked the release of a brand new iphone, but for now, my recently gifted iphone has plenty of features to distract, er uh, make my life more simple and streamlined.

If you have an iphone, I recommend connecting your iphone to your computer and downloading the update. It's like opening your iphone again for the first time.

Now, if only Morgantown's 3G network would get established, then this iphone celebration would be complete--at least locally.

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