Thursday, June 04, 2009

David Carradine Died Today

Every day, the people I follow on twitter help me see many things going on in the world I might otherwise miss (and in turn, miss sharing with you). Today, my best friend Willie just informed me that David Carradine died.

Apparently, some people are saying it was suicide. He was in Thailand and he was found hung in the closet of a luxury hotel room in Bangkok where he was in the middle of production of a new film.

In the early 90s, I used to watch old re-runs of the TV series Kung Fu. I dabbled in the art, and so I definitely thought Kwai Chang Caine was among the coolest characters on television. I even bought Carradine's memoirs entitled "The Spirit of Shaolin". There was something about his character's humility that many, including myself, found appealing. He was an itenerant servant who traveled the land on foot, looking for work, and aiming to help those who were in trouble. Who wouldn't find such a character appealing.

And though I look back on those memories of watching that TV show fondly, my mind moves toward concern now for his family as they must be torn with grief at their loss. May the Spirit of God grant them the things they need most in this moment of broken-heartedness and mourning.

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