Friday, August 22, 2008

That's Our Town

That's Our Town, originally uploaded by chanchanchepon.
I took this photo of some construction happening in Morgantown during the days before the students came back. These folks were working on the westover bridge late at night.

I like that image. I like the idea that we work, and we do it often behind the scenes so our environments might improve. I feel like the last few weeks has been much of the same for me personally and in ministry.

For me, over the last several weeks I have been spending greater amounts of time in prayer and the word. Really, what is our life in Christ without prayer and the word. I'm fighting zealously to be disciplined in taking extended times with the LORD that I might have words to encourage others.

I've also been working hard to discipline myself in my eating, sleeping, exercising, and relaxing. I tend to go pretty full bore most of the time. Of course I take a sabbath but other than that, I tend to always be going. Because for the last seven years I have used my bedroom as an office, it has made it hard to relax. I get up, and work is right there. I go to bed often times working on some project. I'm learning to slow down and separate; I'm learning to make my home a place to live, and to enjoy my wonderful roommates. I'm also being disciplined about regular exercise normal eating (read that as NOT HUGE AMERICAN PORTIONS), and consistent sleeping/waking.

Also, since February i've been working with my friends Trey, Mark, Cameron, and about a dozen other guys to think about ways we can improve the way people ages 18-35 in morgantown get connected to community and begin to contribute to improving this world. We've had a lot of dialogue and in the end we have eliminated a number of meetings so we can have one great event that helps young married couples, young professionals, and college students connect in biblical community. As our church grows, it becomes increasingly difficult to connect, and so we are creating environments and systems to help folks connect.

What about you? What environments are you improving? How are you better focusing your life so you might bring greater glory to the King? Consider as you go through this day, the ways you can improve the environment around you. The Son of Man didn't come to be served, but to serve and give His life as a ransom for many.

As we live out this life of faith, let's strive together to make the changes necessary so that we might have something to offer the world around us that is truly worthwhile and world-changing.

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Tom Asbury said...

I am similar in that fashion. When I go, its all out. I have to be careful as a pastor to model better behavior to my congregation. If they see me go till I burn out, I'm not displaying to them a healthy lifestyle. If I don't model it, then when I say it, the message does not carry as much meaning.