Thursday, August 21, 2008

Sozo Coffee Shop

Sozo Coffee Shop, originally uploaded by chanchanchepon.
It's a beautiful day in Morgantown, and I had an incredible night's sleep in spite of an onslaught of allergies all week.

Right now, I'm sitting in sozo, a coffee shop we were able to open not too long ago in downtown morgantown. It's sooooo cool to see this space getting inhabited by people from all over town--kind of a dream come true.

You know, our space is really about three things and they all kind of wind into one big goal of making our world a better place, but here's the skinny.

We are a coffee shop located at 473 High Street Morgantown, WV. Our goal is to provide a space for people to experience community, to enjoy creativity and the arts, and to pursue making this world a better place..

First off community. There’s something about a coffee shop that allows people to relax, to be themselves, and to spend time talking, laughing, and crying with friends.

Then, the arts. We host art installations on a periodic basis, and host an open mic every Friday night. We also have a variety of local, regional, and national acts make their way to our stage and perform here.

And finally, making the world a better place. To start with, we offer a variety of fair trade, shade grown, organic coffees, so simply by having a cup of coffee here you are helping to make the world a better place. We also recycle. Last year, hundreds of pounds of paper, plastic, aluminum, and glass were recycled because of sozo's work toward being a green business. Lastly, we host a number of special events that showcase local, national, and international non-profit organizations likeInvisible Children, International Justice Mission, and Nuru International.

During this whole venture I feel like I've really been learning the value of team, and of doing things together. It's an amazing space, and it's value comes from the people who inhabit it, and the many hands that contribute to it's successful mission.

If you find yourself in downtown Morgantown, come on in and be a part of all we are doing at sozo. Hope to see you real soon!


Eric Asp said...

It's really cool to hear the goals of sozo spelled out like that. It sounds like a great place! If I'm ever in Morgantown, I'll definitely have to give it a visit.

Rebecca said...

I had a great time watching you all play Rock Band! Looking forward to working more this fall!!