Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Three Missionaries

Three Missionaries, originally uploaded by chanchanchepon.
Last week, during a flurry of events, I had the privilege of meeting up with three ladies who served h2o as student leaders during the recent past. Of course, meeting with leaders is always a great thing, but these three aren't your typical leaders.

You see, each one of these ladies has served the Lord for a year on foreign soil. Two of them served in Amsterdam while the third served in Sudan and Kenya. The one on the right is getting ready to serve an additional year in Nicaragua.

It was great catching up with these ladies, and hearing about all that God was doing in their lives in recent times. I'm amazed at how these individuals are choosing to serve Christ in all that they do, and how their experiences abroad have given them keener insight as to how they might better serve Him wherever they are.

There's a tinge of pride I feel as well, when I am with folks like these three. These folks came out of our tiny community in Morgantown--and they are impacting lives half way around the world. I love hearing what God is doing through people with whom I have been privileged to cross paths for a season.

I know there are many more stories of former h2o folks who are changing the world in their respective areas both locally and globally, but I just couldn't keep quiet about these three.

While you are reading, stop for a minute and thank God for the service that Melissa, Meghan, and Greta and countless other missionaries render in devotion to our king. Also say a prayer for each of them as they work to adjust to living in America. And while you are praying . . . pray that more young people would be willing to lay down their lives for the glory of knowing God and making Him known!!!

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Meghan Baird said...

Thanks for the sweet entry about us. I was and am glad to have stumbled upon the H2o community. I'm looking forward to being part of it again this year!