Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Big Heart.

The boy in the center of the photo above, which was taken by John Leyba of the Denver Post, is seven years old and will be a dwarf when he grows up. But his heart is huge. My brother sent me this link to Denver Post article where you can read more about this little guy.

I think the story is a great reminder that we should never let what we aren't able to do stop us from what we can do. This seven year old boy knows this, but something seems to happen to us as we get older. I don't know if it is self-pity or what, but for some reason we fail to acknowledge the ways in which we are gifted and spend our time lamenting what we are unable to do.

For instance, you may not be able to run a four minute mile (or an 8 minute mile) but it doesn't mean that you shouldn't make a daily habit of exercise.

You may not be able to read a book in one sitting, but maybe you can read a page.

I don't think God is going to have a conversation with us at the end of our lives about all of the things we were unable to do, but He might talk to us a bit about the things we were unwilling to do.

God has given you huge opportunities. He has given you His Son. He has given you His Spirit. Let's make the most of the limited resources we have to bring Him glory and fame. Let's not get caught in the trap of what we can't do, but rather let's get busy doing the things we can do--making the most of every opportunity.

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