Thursday, June 12, 2008

Old Buildings in the Old Dominion

Last week I had the privilege of traveling to Richmond, VA to meet with a couple of people who serve on the staff of the church I am part of. When I was in undergrad, and during the years I was involved in the leadership of my tribe, I made an annual pilgrimage to Richmond to be part of a conference for Indian people that was hosted by the Virginia government. I’ve always enjoyed those times, but I had never spent much time beyond that in the city.

But last week was different. I drove up Monday night, and met with staff all day Tuesday, and part of the day Wednesday. (Richmond was the midpoint between Morgantown and Wilmington, so we agreed to meet there.)

I also had the distinct pleasure of meeting with a few of my friends who are members of a couple of the tribes in the commonwealth of Virginia. Nothing refreshes my spirit like being around other Native people who love Jesus. I guess it’s because it doesn’t happen too often for me. Sorry for the sidenote—that’s not the point of this entry—just a little thought I had about my time in the Old Dominion.

After meeting with staff, I also had the privilege of touching base with some GCM staff in the Richmond area with whom I have been friends for a long time, and hearing a bit about what GCM is doing in Richmond. My friend Chris showed me around the city a bit, and then showed me the office space that he has acquired for ministry in Richmond. It’s an old row house in the heart of the city, and it sits adjacent to VCU.

It’s so cool to see what God is doing in the lives of others and being reminded of how very large and diverse and beautiful the body of Christ really is. It’s also cool to see an old building like the row house getting renovated and seeing fresh uses come of it.

What fresh new things is God doing in your life? How are you experiencing His renewal and refreshment in your life? Just some thoughts from a short stint in the Old Dominion.

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