Sunday, June 01, 2008

Mr. Birthday

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So I could write a lot about today, there's much to catch up on from the last week in the Wilmington area, but I'm gonna keep it simple for now and let folks know that today is my dad's birthday. I won't tell you how old he is, but I will tell you that he has been rocking out those sweet sideburns for a good long time.

Last year, I was able to hang out with my dad on his birthday, but this year, I am in North Carolina. We were able to talk a bit this morning but then he was off to church.

If you have my dad's number--give him a call he loves hearing from friends and family, and that might be the best present you could give him on his birthday!

I love my dad a lot, and although I can't be there with him, I know other people are probably enjoying the day with him.

He and my mom did an amazing job raising three kids on very little income, and all of his children are doing very well as adults. Although he is a bit of an introvert, people love being around him, and he is always ready to lend a helping hand and serve others.

If you don't know my dad, you should meet him sometime. You won't regret it!

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