Monday, December 04, 2006


Temptation, originally uploaded by chanchanchepon.
I was walking to visit/study with some friends at a the Zen Clay Cafe in Morgantown when I saw these berries hanging from the limb of a tree.

These berries look so delicious. I just wanted to pick a cluster and start eating them. But, I have the feeling they are poisonous. They seem to be ripe a little out of season. It is december, and the tree these were hanging from has no leaves. In fact, no tree in the area has leaves. They are all barren. That just makes these berries stand out even more. They are just so tantalizing. I wonder what they taste like. Maybe just a little bite . . .

I think that's the way temptation works in our life. When we are walking along on a cold winter day, and we see a splash of color, something that we wouldn't pay much heed to at other times can be quite consuming. Temptation always looks good. It sets itself apart from everything around it. It makes itself look more satisfying than it could ever be. And before we know it, we are captivated by its allure.

How do you respond when temptation presents itself so delectably?

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