Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Nothing simple is it?

My friend Jeremiah sent me a link to this video on youtube. It's by a European lounge band called Royksopp, and it is called "Remind Me". The whole video is oriented toward proecesses, and it is a good reminder that nothing is as simple as we think it is. When we see how complex our world is, it gives us a picture of how much more complex God is. He sustains it all. And there is so much happening every day in our world that we take for granted. Have you given much thought to how the water cycle works, and the distances water travels from your home to the rivers, and back again?

I marvel at the complexity that this video shows of our world. Even in the beginning, to think about how complex our bodies are--we take it for granted because everything in each one of these systems works well most of the time. Sometimes we need to take a step back like the song says and let the visuals "remind us".


katie tarara said...

Hi Billy-- this is Katie T with the CCO. I would love to talk with you about Brian, so.zo, etc, but I can't seem to find an email address for you--when you get this can you email me: ktarara at gmail dot com


Pam Swope said...

Good grief....That video makes you sto and think!
Saw you at the game last night! Walt and I were in Section 20, in the clouds.
Have a good Christmas....going to your folks??
God bless

Ryan Huffman said...

Hey that is an awesome video. Sometimes i stop and can appreciate the complexities of the world and how we seem to take things for granted. Especially with old objects that people once poured their time and sweat into but are now made in a factory. Good stuff. Have a great Christmas. Peace.