Monday, December 04, 2006

Tears of Joy

Tears of Joy, originally uploaded by tiffany_harned.
I was trying to find a photo that captured the pulchritude of salvation, and I found this image on flickr. The woman who took the picture said that she believed this flower was crying tears of joy after a rain storm.

A couple of months ago, I was contacted on my myspace account by this gal who had found my blog and had been reading it for a few months. She wanted to write me about what she had been reading, and thankfully I had recently set up a myspace acount.

I received an email from this gal on myspace, and in the email she shared how she had been an athiest/agnostic most of her life, but through reading this blog she felt inspired to find some way to dig herself out of what she had buried herself in over the past few years.

An email correspondence ensued. She came to check out our small faith gathering, h2o. She told me she couldn't just start believing something blindly, so I encouraged her to begin reading the Bible each day starting with the gospel of John. Last Thursday, she called me and told me she wanted to meet with me if I had any time available.

So we grabbed lunch at a restaurant in downtown Morgantown called Black Bear Burritos that was started by my high school senior class president. We enjoyed a great meal, and I proceeded to share with her how our satisfaction was meant to be found in God alone, but that we were all estranged from God because we have been seeking our satisfaction in other places. Thankfully, because God is immensely gracious toward us, He has allowed us to be reconciled to Him through Jesus the Messiah.

I asked Kristen if there was anything that would stop her from putting her trust in Jesus Christ to reconcile her to God and to lead her life. She said there wasn't, and so I asked her if she would like to pray with me and invite Him into her life. She said yes, and so right there in the middle of the restaurant, we prayed, and and cried tears of joy, just like the flower in the picture. Now Kristen is a Christian, and nothing can separate her from God's unfathomable love!

Isn't that wonderful news?


Anonymous said...

I thank God for his infinite mercy which he extends to us daily. THere is rejoicing in Heaven for one more member of the Kingdom. Thank you so much, Billy, for leading Kristen to Christ. Have a blessed Christmas!!

Kathy Brown
Ryan's mom

Pam Swope said...

Billy, Praise God for using you as His Vessel to reach the unsaved. It touches my heart to know there is a new sister for us to meet when we get to Heaven.
Thanks to you and Thanks Be to our Lord.

Bushido Brown said...

You are a wise and gracious man, sensei.