Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Sunset on Lake Erie

Sunset on Lake Erie, originally uploaded by chanchanchepon.
I took this picture last fall in the Canandian village Niagara on the Lake. I just love the way the sun is setting along the shoreline of Lake Erie.

I've been close to lake Erie for most of the last 24 hours. Not close enough to see it, but close enough to feel it. I don't know if that quite makes sense, but it is like I could sense something larger than me very close to me, but I couldn't quite directly see see it. I even drove by an exit ramp that leads to a bridge to Canada.

I think that's the way it can be for us with God sometimes too. Most of us have a vague sense that God is somewhere out there, but we can't quite figure it out. The apostle Paul tells us that we might feel our way to God and find Him if we only seek Him, because He is not far from us. It's a pretty wild thought really.

It's like God is withholding Himself just waiting for us to seek. As we seek He reveals. It's not a matter of earning some privilege, It's almost like He opens our eyes to see and experience as we yield ourselves to Him.

So, if you aren't experiencing God beyond just a vague sense that He is there, perhaps He wants you to spend some time seeking His face. According to Isiaiah the prophet, God longs to be gracious to you, and He reserves a special blessing for those who long for Him. Take some time to seek God and freshly experience His grace and mercy. It's more beautiful, refreshing, and enjoyable than a sunset on Lake Erie.

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John H. said...

BILLY!! You are in Michigan and did not tell me????? Welcome, welcome, welcome :) I am posting this in the hopes that you are still here as a result of your conferences, and that perhaps if you have some spare time we could catch up. It has been far too long. I saw in your one post that you do not have cell phone access so hit me up via e-mail(hepperjo@msu.edu) or call my cell from a landline if you get a chance. I really would love to see you, I miss all of you mountaineers so much.

~John H. (aka Gideon)