Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Kneeling in Study

Kneeling in Study, originally uploaded by chanchanchepon.
Last night I walked in on my dad reading. He was kneeling at the foot of his bed, and reading the Bible. When I saw him like this, I couldn't help but be touched. This image speaks volumes for his reverence for God and his Word. It also speaks to me of humility. My dad is a strong man, and during moments like this I see a gentleness and tenderness that not many people see. At least not until this picture.

How do you approach the sacred text? Do you approach it in humility, or as though entering a chore?

I love my dad.


Anonymous said...

This is a great picture, Billy. I'm glad he let you take it. It's good to sometimes let our physical posture reflect the posture of our hearts.

Pam Swope said...

Wow! How cool that you caught this special moment with your dad kneeling before the throne of our Heavenly DAD. You are sooooo blessed