Monday, July 24, 2006

Not Quite Home

Not Quite Home, originally uploaded by chanchanchepon.
As I walked along the boardwalk in Wilmington, NC along the Cape Fear River, I felt like I was back home in Parkersburg for a bit. Maybe it is the combination of bridge and sternwheeler that does it.

I imagine anyone who has grown up along a major river town sees this as a familiar image. Once, all of the major waterways of the US were covered with these sternwheelers. But now, they are an icon of the past used mainly for touring.

My senior prom was on a sternwheeler. So was my class reunion. We used to take rides to blennerhassett Island on them when I was a kid. I imagine anyone who sees an image like this gets taken back to adventures along the river, and being a pirate, or a sailor, or some other such hero or villain of yesteryear.

Feel free to post a memory you have of sternwheelers if you grew up in a rivertown like me.

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