Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Eagle in Flight

Eagle in Flight, originally uploaded by chanchanchepon.
Unfortunately, my camera does not have the lens necessary to bring these eagles into sight. Eagle’s were commonplace along this lake. Although we didn’t see any moose, they are often seen along the rivers that feed into the lake.

The Eagle is a pretty majestic bird. It is also the totem of my tribal clan. It was amazing to watch one of these winged ones dive into the water with its talons outstretched to acquire a fish, and to see another carrying away some other small object (probably a squirrel) to it’s lofty nest.

There is something really special about the Eagle. It was definitely a treat to see eagle’s every day I was on the water. Lot’s of times people call every big bird in the sky an eagle, but Eagle’s are unmistakeable.

I remember hearing this quote once. “The eagle never lost so much time as when he stooped to learn from the crow.” It’s weird, as I meditate on that quote, I can’t help but think that there is much to learn from both for us. But that probably isn’t what the quote means at all.


Miranda said...

so Billy eagles have large talons? im sorry i had to say it.

Andy said...

Yo mandinga. I like that eagle quote. It was on the movie Dead Man. William Blake said it in his book A Marriage of Heaven and Hell. I love that quote, but for me it means something a little different, and thought I would share. For me, it seems that crows gather in groups. Eagles soar alone. So, when an eagle takes the time to sit down with a bunch of crows, he is just wasting his time trying to learn from the masses of crow squaking. Very rarely do we get to soar with other eagles. For me the quote helps me with the idea that sometimes it's ok to go your own way. Sometimes going with the flow eliminates the need to think for myself...not good. You're an eagle... fly on my brotha... keep up the good work!