Saturday, October 22, 2005

a little vacation

Over the last three days, I took my parents on vacation. Sometime in the next few days I am hoping to post some comments and pictures of these events on this space. In the mean time, I just had this thought this morning, and figured I would write it.

Over the last couple of years I have been thinking about the uniqueness of ministry as a career. In some ways, people in ministry have a hard time taking time to rest and relax. (Believe it or not, I'm one of them, but I am learning!)

Eugene Peterson said it best when he said that we pursue this kind of career because we want to be involved in what God is doing in our world, but then as we get involved in our career, we start to believe what we are doing is indispensable--that God needs us. We relegate God to a position of helper, and we pursue our careers to change lives for God.

It's really pretty absurd. I was just reminded of this thought process this week when I left town. I came back to 13 voice mails, and even more emails. I started thinking about how I would be able to get all of the stuff done that needed to get done this week. I wondered who would take care of all the needs of our church. It was then that I realized--God will take care of all of the needs of His church. God will get all of the stuff done--somehow. I'm sure I will play a part in what He is doing, but "He must increase, and I must decrease."

Some might think this is justifying laziness. I mean nothing of the sort--every one of us has a personal responsibility in the loving, inclusive community called the church. Sometimes we just need to keep things in perspective--it's God's church and God's ministry, not ours.

Anyhoo, I felt like there was comfort for me to find in that revelation this week.

Do you believe God is taking care of your personal ministry, or is it all up to you, and God has been relegated to the sidelines?

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