Wednesday, October 05, 2005

living out our calling

I am reading 25 chapters of the Bible/week with a couple of my good friends, and we get together and talk about what we've read on monday mornings @7AM. (I know, we're overachievers!)

Last week we read the last part of exodus and the beginnings of leviticus. I noticed something in a new way as I read through the end of exodus. God had chosen skilled laborers to work on His tabernacle. He had gifted them and they were specifically equipped for the job they were to do.

I couldn't help but think about our calling in association with this. You see, God is building his temple now through us--we are living stones. As each lives out his/her calling, he/she builds up the entire body right?

Well I started thinking about how these guys were better equipped than moses to do what they were doing--moses wasn't doing that work with the tabernacle, and neither were aaron and his sons. They had other work assigned.

I then started thinking about each persons role, and how you might be able to have quality people doing things, but what if it wasn't Christ centered . . .it would be talented, and well done, but it would also have an ugliness to it.

We each need to use our particular talents to glorify God, and need prayer to be the foundation of our work. I think that is probably the main thing--who is our talent and our hard work dedicated to? Ourselves, our peers, or the King of kings, and Lord of lords?

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