Monday, October 03, 2005

Healthy Eating

Over the last couple of months, since returning back from Florida this summer, I have really been watching what I eat. Not that I ate total garbage before, but over the last couple of months I have been both exercising more, and eating a more balanced diet.

I've been noticing a disctinct difference in how I feel on a given day. It seems like I have more energy to expend, and my body is more in rhythm. It is truly great to be in this situation.

I bought a road bike about three weeks ago, and I have been using it for most of my local commuting (the exception being a trip that will involve bulky items). I've also been focussing on carpooling more when that option is available. It takes a little longer to arrive at some places, but the environmental impact as well as the personal health benefit (if I can keep from getting hit) help make it worth while.

When I eat now, I notice more distinctly how I feel if I eat something relatively unhealthy, and it affects me for a while afterward. Not to the point that I am sick, but to the point I don't feel as energetic or lively. Yesterday I ate CiCi's Pizza for lunch, and a buffalo chicken quesadilla for dinner--bad idea in combination.

When I have time, I travel to a local farmers market, and I've been buying organic and locally grown food. Maybe that is part of what is making the difference. It is funny because I'm probably meeting a lot of stereotypes for people with long hair, but I am really thankful for the difference taking place in my physiology as a result of these new eating and exercise habits.


Anonymous said...

good for you, ya long haired hippie :)

ddub said...

hey I do the same even with short hair