Tuesday, October 25, 2005


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So it happened. Saturday night I was immensely blessed. Two of my good friends made arrangements for me to be able to join them (and bring another buddy of mine) in Pittsburgh to see Bono and the boys.

This was probably one of the best, if not the best concert I have ever been to. It is a close call between this and Pearl Jam 2000.

Bono opened up the concert by thanking the crowd for the life they had provided for the band, and said, "we're trying to live it as large as we can!" In other words they were making the most of what they had been given. Are you doing the same?

The last set of the evening was a time of worship (unfortunately this point may have been missed by many in attendance). The last three songs of the second encore were God-ward. "All Because of You", "Yahweh", and "40" ended the evenings events.

The night was a mix of great music, humor, political activism, and incarnational faith.

While many have issues with Bono, it is my prayer that we would see many more people similar to Bono in this regard. . .

That they would live their lives radically and passionately for what they say they believe. Not to the point of endangering others, but to the point that people stand and take notice.

I wonder how many of us really live out our passion. I was just thinking about it this morning, and even among Christians, where identification with Jesus is in itself a little radical, I think many of us are afraid to step out of our comfort zones, and afraid of offending others.

Sometimes it makes me wonder, what do we really believe? Maybe we need to start swimming against the stream a bit more before we get swept away in apathy.

What do you think? Are you living life passionately?

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