Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Review: A Testament of Hope by Dr Martin Luther King Jr

As The Martin Luther King Jr Day of Service has passed, and the efforts of Dr. King are top of mind for many in the US and around the world, I thought that this would be a fitting time to write a brief review of A Testament OfHope which is a collection of the writings interviews and speeches of the late Dr. King.

As a person who is concerned with issues of justice as well as issues of faith, I find that by reading and reflecting on the words of those in the past who have dedicated themselves towards making a better place, I am able to better serve in related a related way today. Dr. King's example and words continue to motivate people to pursue justice and serve others. 

This book of speeches, essays, and interviews is utterly inspring. To be able to sit and read the writings of one of the leaders of the African American Civil Rights movment in the United States, as well those of a passionate ambassador for peace is an encouragement for anyone who is carrying the torch forward. Our world is significantly different than that of Dr. King’s, but looking back, we can see the effects of a life dedicated toward making a difference.

As we continue to live in the legacy of Dr King and other activists of the past, I believe that people young and old around the world can appreciate the words of this book, and should take the time to read it and reflect on the words and life of Dr. King.

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