Friday, January 04, 2013

WVU Orange Bowl 2012 One Year Later

After an 18 hour drive, we finally arrived in the greater Miami area. We were able to celebrate New Year’s with an old roommate, and then we proceeded on to Florida to celebrate with another old roommate.

We arrived at the stadium late Wednesday afternoon, and began connecting with an array of friends who made the journey for the bowl game. The atmosphere was warm and a bit electric. No one was sure what the outcome of the game would be, but it appeared that 49 out of 50 states were sure we would get pummeled. Clemson jumped to an early 7-0 lead.

Earlier in the day, I will say that the Clemson fans were friendly and civil and just about everybody there was having a good time enjoying a mini-reunion and anticipating what might happen during the evening.

After the game started, it appeared we were going to exchange blows until we were able to acquire three quick turnovers and jump to a 49-20 score at half-time. As a side note, the Mountaineer basketball team was playing Rutgers at the same time, and had scored 51 points in the first half.

I have never seen our team play so well. It was absolutely incredible to see us put up so many points in one half. As the game progressed, Clemson fans, began emptying the stands and heading to their cars. Most were truly impressed with the talent of WVU, and in the limited conversations I had with a few Clemson fans as I made my way back to West Virginia over the weekend after the game, they were congratulatory and applauded the team.

And why not? This team broke several records!

As Jamie and I start our 2013 together, we wonder what adventures will ensue. We are not starting the year with tickets to a bowl game, but we will do our best to live every moment to its fullest!

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