Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Happy Holidays From Nuru!

Happy Holidays From Nuru (Full Version) from Nuru International on Vimeo.

This holiday season is different for the people of Kuria, Kenya. Seven thousand people are beginning to experience a life filled with choices and opportunities. It's really hard to believe that just a little over two years ago, Nuru International sent it's first team on the ground to begin working toward a sustainable and scalable solution to ending the greatest humanitarian crisis of our generation, and now there is hope where once there was despair and desperation. It's hard to believe that things you and I take for granted, like being able to afford to send their young ones to elementary school or having enough food for everyone in one's family to eat, are being experienced by many people in Kuria, Kenya for the first time this holiday season.

Together, we have witnessed change that has quickly moved from a handful of people to literally thousands. It is absolutely amazing to think that Nuru has had such a transforming impact so quickly, but there is still much more work to be done. A spark has caught flame, and candles are being lit. Lives are being changed, person by person, and family by family. People are stepping up and spreading hope, light, and Nuru.

This year, as you begin your Christmas shopping, will you consider making a contribution to Nuru? Three families have stepped forward to match donations that come in during the the month of December. This is a great time to double your impact and contribute to lasting change for people you may never meet, but who could benefit greatly from your generosity. Thanks for considering giving a special gift to Nuru's work this month.

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