Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Just One

A couple years ago, while I was serving as the director of social justice at a local Morgantown, WV coffee shop, Sozo, we hosted a series of events called Another World Is Possible. The purpose of the events was to inform people of injustices in this world as well as tangible steps individuals could take to combat these injustices.

It was during this series of events that I met a man who has become a good friend. His name is Charles Lee, and he has a gift for making ideas become reality. In the image above, my brother captured Charles and I greeting each other at a Conference called Catalyst West this past April. One of the ideas he produced was developed with a friend named Greg Russinger. It's called Just One.

The concept of Just One is really simple. These guys have come up with creative initiatives that allow regular folks like us to make a tangible difference in their local community as well as globally with a handful of initiatives that involve simple things like trash cans and laundry. When Charles came to Morgantown, he shared information about the issue of human trafficking and slavery with a packed room of people who were eager to learn more about how they could begin to combat some of the injustice that they knew existed in the world.

Since that initial meeting, I've seen even more of Just One's projects, including one called Laundry Love. Below is a short video explaining how this particular project works and how you might implement it in your own community.

I'm writing about Just One because I really believe in the work they are doing. They are creating some very simple, tangible initiatives that people can do anywhere to help make their community a better place, and to care for friends and neighbors.

Take some time to visit their website, and get creative about how you can begin to impact your community and your world. And if you decide to try one of these projects, tell me about it, and DEFINITELY tell the folks at Just One about it.


Rebecca said...

Thanks for sharing!

We've been trying to do something similar at so.zo with the house coffee refills...but struggling to make it work. It's not been advertises or shared with many it's not benefiting very many people. There are some great ideas here on how we can make this really WORK in Morgantown.

Charles Michael said...

"life is not about wondering when the storm will stop, but learning to dance in the rain!".... how wonderful is that !!!!!!!!!!!! what a great project is laundry love !!!!!!!!!!!!!! that statement ought to be on a billboard somewhere ! thanks, billy for putting this on here !!!!! love, mom