Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Home Office and Library

This weekend, after our race, Jamie and I made a quick trip to Lowes to look into some paint for painting a room in the house that will serve as a home office for me.  This was our third trip to Lowe’s and I felt only slightly closer than in the past to finding a a color that I thought would work.  I was landing on a blue or gray tint because I had read that these tints help enhance productivity and and creativity.

As Jamie and I waited in line to purchase a couple of tints I decided upon, I had an idea.  What about mis-tints?  Part of this was because I hated the thought of spending $30-35 for a gallon of paint I wasn’t sure about, and part of it was the thought that I could find a potential bargain that would be even better than any of the colors I was considering.  Jamie had quickly glanced at the bin and saw a variety of purples and greens, but when I walked back, I found a blue that was PERFECT!

So we stepped out of line, drove to the house, and began taping off the ceiling and trim.  Because the room was a little smaller, and because we weren’t sure if we would have enough paint, we painted the room with brushes instead of a roller.  It looks phenomenal.

As a result of the painting efforts, I felt confident about moving three large bookcases into the space and transforming the space into a home library/office space.  It’s not quite finished in its entirety as I would like to replace the overhead light fixture as well as hang a few things on the walls, but wow, it’s pretty incredible to have a space like this.  (As an aside, if you are interested, I may be downsizing my library and selling a few titles.  I have a number of texts from an MA in English as well as many texts on faith, culture, and philosophy.)  

In my life, I’ve never had a room entirely dedicated to thinking, reading, work and the like.  In fact, until my roommates moved my desk into this room, my desk/workspace has always been about 2-3 feet from my bed.  Now that I don’t have working/reading stuff in my bedroom, I’m not sure what to do with that space. I'm excited about this new arrangement of space and the opportunity to dive in to having my own library. 

I'm looking forward to this being a place where many great ideas are birthed and developed to maturity.   Hope that you are able to cultivate creativity and innovation in your world!

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