Monday, September 20, 2010

Thinking of Far Away Friends

The photo above was taken on my tribes land in front of our Msi Kah Miqui (Tribal Council House). In the photo are my best friend in the whole world's wife and daughter along with me. It was probably taken before one of our ceremonies just a few years ago. I've got a lot of really great memories from our land and the celebrations of our ancient traditions each year in the spring, summer, and fall.

Willie just contacted me to tell me that his wife, Sue, is having surgery tomorrow on her thyroid. Willie and Sue are family, and it's challenging to be so far from family during times like this. One can feel helpless.

But the reality is that although there are many things that cannot be done, there are a few things that can. While we can not always visit, we can make phone calls, send texts, and even let others know who might be able to help out more. We can also send cards, make meals, and express our care from afar. Sometimes we can even blog. ;)

Sue is an incredible mother and wife, and does a great job caring for her family and friends. On the many many occasions where I have found myself in their town for sundry reasons, she has always been amazing in her provision of accommodations and food. She has been my airport shuttle on multiple occasions (and has done the same for other family members too!), and she regularly gives of her time to care for others.

Here's to hoping for a safe and successful surgery and a quick recovery for my far away friend Sue!

And here's to hoping that you might find time to contact a far away friend who just might need to hear from you in the middle of a difficult situation.

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Alise said...

I so agree. It's easy to think that our text or letters or phone calls don't mean anything when there is something REAL going on, but they really do. Last week when I mentioned that I'm struggling with depression, the outpouring of love and support I got through calls, emails, texts and notes on the blog were just a balm to my soul. Don't get me wrong -- I appreciate the friend and family who have been able to do more practical things like meals or hugs, but we should never, ever think that our words are unimportant.

Thanks for the reminder!